Tissue Culture Lab Supervisor

Full Time Tissue Culture Lab Supervisor in New Westminster, BC

Job Description

Job Duties:

- Perform experimental procedures and laboratory analysis to support research as well as production

- Perform tissue culture and micropropagation processes in the lab

- Conduct Quality Control and Pest inspection for Mother plants in order to ensure the plants are pest free and disease free and are in compliance with plant health standards.

- Ensure Quality Control and of Tissue Culture plants prior to shipment

- Supervision of the mother room and its overall operations.

- Perform research and development and prepare proposals/ presentations by collecting and analyzing data for records, including:

     - Collect samples, design experiments, conduct trials, and see it to completion or termination.

     - Control and monitor grow-tent and mother room environment

     - Maintain and organize detailed records of project data

     - Keeps records of research, testing, and results and report to the manager

     - Supervise the preparation procedure of various nutrient solutions for production and research.

     - Develop and optimize processes and product formulations

- Prepare inventory reports and other reports as and when needed.

Skills and Knowledge:

- At least a 3-year Degree/ Diploma in Agriculture or related field required.

- Work experience in commercial agriculture or related field is preferred

- Experience working in a tissue culture lab is required

- Academic research experience is required.

Tissue Culture Lab Supervisor
Full time Position
New Westminster, BC