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Plant Tissue Culture


Each outgoing plantlet is verified with our industry-leading DNA Fingerprinting process and exclusive somaclonal variation detection to ensure that the cultivar you want is the cultivar you get.

Segra offers a full range of PTC services that help to identify and protect IP, regenerate aging and diseased cultivars, diversify your product offering, or replace your mother room altogether.

Reduce Risk, Increase Efficiency and Profitability

(PTC) “Stage III plantlets”—tiny, laboratory-produced young plants—are created using a technological process proven to offer superior pathogen-resistance and greater crop uniformity than conventional vegetative propagation.

They are ready to plant and shipped around the world, eliminating the complication and expense of young plant propagation.


Plants reproduced through traditional vegetative propagation naturally see diminished performance over time. Segra's proprietary regeneration process removes disease and restores vigor, then securely stores your clean specimens. They are ready for your exclusive use for future plantlet production, research or breeding.

Successful initiation into tissue culture takes between 5 and 10 months, after which cultivars can be preserved and maintained indefinitely.

Your valuable cultivars are protected and available whenever you need them, ensuring continuity of your business, no matter what.


Portions of Segra’s unparalleled cultivar library are now available for test drive. Whether you are looking to quickly satisfy the latest demand, want to add a new dimension to your portfolio or are looking to respond to a specific growing need, collaborate with our team to try one of Segra’s genetics for a low-risk introduction to PTC technology.


Mother stock faces natural diminishment over time, but growers don’t have to settle for diminished results. With our mother stock provision plan, choose from the full selection of Segra’s public collections or draw from your own genetics for a program that will provide continual refreshment of your in-house mother plant production programs. Focus your resources on productive plants, not on nursing mother plants.


Leave mother plants and cloning production behind and step into the future of cannabis propagation with a fully PTC-based model, available to licensed producers globally on a recurring schedule.

Use your own genetics, or sample from Segra’s library—either way, you get disease-free, vigorous plantlets ready at scale, when you need them. Free up time and canopy space that is typically dedicated to mother plant propagation and move into Segra’s highest level of service.

Make the Most of Your Genetics. Segra has a variety of programs designed to restore, revitalize and protect your unique IP. Return cultivars to their peak performance and protect your legacy and investment.

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