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Consistent Yield, Uniform Crops, Pathogen Resistance

A World-Leading Cannabis Cultivar Library

Segra’s exclusive cultivar library consists of several unique collections of cannabis genotypes for production, research, preservation, and breeding purposes. Whether you are looking to stay ahead of consumer trends, balance your portfolio or just want to try something new, better cannabis starts with better cultivars from Segra.

Segra’s collections focus on three key needs: our core selection, which includes a wide variety of PTC-ready cultivars; our classic selection, which involves collaborations with legendary breeders to offer authorized, authentic versions of legendary cultivars; and our breeders selection, which includes cultivars with desirable breeding traits—perfect building blocks.

View our cultivar menu of top quality tissue culture genetics:

Make the Most of Your Genetics. Segra has a variety of programs designed to restore, revitalize and protect your unique IP. Return cultivars to their peak performance and protect your legacy and investment.

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