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Genotyping & DNA Finger-printing


Best-in-class Genotyping to Help You Grow with Certainty


Segra’s industry-leading DNA Fingerprinting Test plots your cultivar's specific location on our phylogenetic tree and provides a unique 32-digit Variety Identifier Code. This test has valuable applications for growers, breeders, distributors and regulators, including confirming cultivar identity across the supply chain, informing decision-making for plant breeding and monitoring for somaclonal variation.

Somaclonal variation is a particularly important application for this test. Over time, and especially as mother plants age, traditionally cloned plants can start to mutate from their original cultivar, creating undesirable traits. Segra’s testing allows quick identification of mutated plants—and our regenerate and preserve programs can help you return cultivars to their original expression.

Segra’s Phylogenetic Tree is a map showing the evolutionary relationships between cultivars of cannabis. Our exclusive testing allows us to identify any sample’s relationships on the tree, offering greater insight into cultivar holdings.

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