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With Segra, you can guarantee that you have the plant you want, when you want it, performing at its absolute best.

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What We Do

From plantlets to diagnostics, Segra’s specialized services drive growth for our partners.

Plants that Perform

Whether using your own genetics, or sampling cultivars from Segra’s exclusive library, Plant Tissue Culture can make your operation more efficient and profitable while reducing risk.

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Know What You Grow

Our genetic identification technologies provide unparalleled quality assurance. With industry-pioneering and proprietary DNA Fingerprinting, Segra can help you grow with certainty.

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Plant Tomorrow’s Proven Winner

Optimize your genetic portfolio with disease-free stock from Segra’s continuously expanding library of cannabis cultivars, curated by some of the industry’s leading genetic providers.

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Innovative Science

Creating better plants starts with innovation.

About Us

Segra is a Plant Tissue Culture leader driving ag-tech innovation in the cannabis industry.

Segra scientists examine tissue culture specimens



Under the guidance of Dr. Sma Zobayed, Segra’s Plant Tissue Culture Division is pioneering the future of cannabis tissue culture and young plant production. Segra’s flagship facility consists of state-of-the-art tissue culture production and research facilities, focused on the development of IP related to cannabis tissue culture protocols, micropropagation automation, and full-scale production testing from plantlet through flower.

Segra Cultivar Catalogue



This business division is led by Segra’s Chief Science Officer Dr. John Brunstein. Over the past 5 years, Segra has developed industry-leading quality assurance diagnostics for both cultivar DNA fingerprinting and pathogen detection. Research initiatives are focused on the development of IP related to genomics tools, bioinformatics systems, and marker assisted selection breeding programs.


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