Jamie Blundell

Jamie Blundell is the CEO of Segra International, an ag tech company serving the global cannabis industry. He has over 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles including a broad range of B2B and operational expertise with rapidly growing companies in the cannabis, digital media and manufacturing industries. He has capital markets experience and has raised money for both private and publicly traded companies. Through his extensive dealings with M&A, private equity firms, capital markets and large corporate divestitures, he brings a focused and dynamic approach to driving Segra’s growth.

Dr. Sma Zobayed
Ph.D., Chief Tissue Culture Officer

Dr. Sma Zobayed is a leading specialist in tissue culturing with extensive international experience. Dr. Zobayed holds two patents relating to tissue culture and has published over 50 scientific papers related to his research in the field. He holds a Ph.D. in Plant Tissue Culture from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Hull (UK), and has won awards for his tissue culture work from the scientific community. He is a member in good standing with the International Society of Arboriculture, International Association for Plant Tissue Culture and the International Society for Horticultural Sciences.

Susan Pan
Vice President of Finance

Susan brings two decades of international experience to her role at Segra. She started her career with China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, the largest energy company in China, and later joined Siemens Ltd. in China. Recently, she held the position as Controller for Nano One Materials (TSX-V: NNO), and CFO for Aurora Solar Technologies (TSX-V: ACU), both leading technology companies. Susan is a Certified Professional Accountant and holds an MBA.

Matthew Don-Carolis
Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Matthew Don-Carolis is a seasoned professional with a 26-year legacy of global experience across many verticals, most notably the cannabis industry. He has been an active force in the cannabis industry since being a designated grower in 2006. As the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Segra International Corp., Matthew takes a collaborative approach to managing both internal stakeholders and external customer relationships. Matthew has a knack for attracting and nurturing talented sales teams and puts an emphasis on both mentoring and developing a winning team. Matthew can navigate the complexities of the cannabis sector with ease and has contributed significantly to the company’s growth.

Sandro Curro
Vice President of Operations & Marketing

Sandro, Segra’s Vice President of Operations and Marketing, brings 24 years of valuable corporate leadership experience to Segra. His focus revolves around three key principles: quality data to support key decision-making, employing marketing strategies to enhance Segra's digital presence & customer conversion, and managing high functioning teams focused on the company’s success. With a background in business management, web development and marketing, along with hands-on experience in team management, Sandro plays a crucial role in guiding Segra towards continued growth and long-term success.

Matt Rogge
Vice President of Genetics and Agronomy

Matt Rogge is the VP of Genetics and Agronomy at Segra. Matt brings 10 years of technical prowess in the cannabis industry to Segra. Starting his cannabis career during Canada's federal medical program in 2014, he has significantly contributed to cultivation and genetics. With pivotal roles at Canopy Growth and 7ACRES, Matt led scaling operations, R&D, and genetic development initiatives. As a successful private consultant, he provided a system-based approach to producers. Matt’s expertise also extends to education, having developed courses at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. With a background in Forestry and Horticulture, his commitment to quality cannabis is reflected in accolades such as a Karma Cup. As a dedicated cannabis breeder, Matt combines operational proficiency with technical genetics knowledge, embodying a commitment to advancing the industry.

Dr. Oliver Corea
Director of Applied Genomics

Dr. Corea is a plant molecular biologist with an academic background in genetic and genomic analysis of specialized plant metabolic pathways. He earned his PhD in Molecular Plant Sciences at Washington State University and worked on large-scale plant genomics projects as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria. His research interests on phenylpropanoid and terpene biosynthesis later drew him to the cannabis industry, where he designed and established two state-of-the-art analytical testing laboratories for cannabis testing and research as Head of Analytical Science at Zenabis Global Inc. At Segra, he will lead cannabis genomics initiatives and help expand Segra’s role as an international leader in cannabis agricultural biotechnology.

Dr. John Brunstein
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Brunstein is a leading expert on biotechnology, molecular biology, and clinically related topics including clinical trials, assay validation methods and quality systems in regulated industries, with an extensive publication history. He obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of British, working on the molecular biology of viruses, and went on to teach in the Department of Pathology at UBC as Clinical Assistant Professor, where he was recognized with a Faculty Award for Excellence in Research and Discovery and later became the Chief Scientific Officer at the Centre for Translational and Applied Genomics.