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As part of our Verified Segra Stock™ program, each cultivar has been DNA fingerprinted for track-and-trace purposes, and tested extensively for pathogens in-house and by a third-party lab.

2021 Cultivar Collection

Our cultivar portfolio is comprised of selections from both Segra's proprietary collection and our genetics partners.

Cultivar Spotlight


To help assess our cultivar offerings and make the most informed and strategic business decisions, we have developed the following visual and nomenclature designations:

Class: Our catalog is organized into two categories: THC Dominant & CBD Dominant

Cultivar Growth Architecture: Defined by: Short, Medium, or Tall

Total and Relative Cannabinoids and Terpenoids: Presented as charts for quick comprehension.

Product Availability Formats: Mother Stock (for in-house clone production) or Full Provision (for full scale planting applications)

Certificates of Analysis: Accessible through clickable links on each cultivar page.