Advancement in Apical Meristem Regeneration


Advancement in Apical Meristem Regeneration

Advancement in Apical Meristem Regeneration

At Segra, Research and Development are always front of mind.  As a leader in the field of cannabis tissue culture we are constantly striving to improve our processes to offer our clients the best products and services possible.  We are proud to announce a substantial advancement related to our “Regenerate and Preserve” product that is the result of a focussed research initiative led by Segra’s Dr. Sma Zobayed and his R&D team.  

The apical meristem tissue culture process is at the core of what we do at Segra.  This technical procedure represents the starting point for any new cultivar we work with in our lab.  Preparing a new cultivar in tissue culture is known as “initiation.”  In this process, our team extracts tiny, microscopic meristems from cannabis plant branches.  This plant material is then treated with our proprietary sanitizing agents with the goal to eliminate any plant pest or disease present in the plant material.  Once this process is complete and rigorous plant pathogen testing is conducted, we begin a journey that takes many months to grow up these small meristems into production stock we can then use to provision plantlets to our customers.

To date our commitment to our customers has been to complete this process in 9-12 months.  However, our new 3.0 initiation process now allows us to complete this process in 4-7 months, and in some cases as fast as 14 weeks!  This is a huge boon for our clients as they seek to introduce new genetics to market as rapidly as possible.  Many of the most sophisticated cannabis growers are implementing new cultivar menus quarterly, and the race to bring new high value genetics to market in a clean-stock format is a key component of maintaining a competitive edge.  The flowchart below details how our 3.0 initiation process works including all the quality assurance steps we take along the way.

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