February 24, 2021

Segra Enters Agreement Making BioAgronomics Group's Premium Cannabis Cultivar Portfolio Available to Licensed Producers Across Canada and Select International Markets

VANCOUVER, (February 24, 2021) Segra International Corp., an AgTech firm focused on cannabis tissue culture and BioAgronomics Group, an internationally recognized cannabis breeding, and consulting company, are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to distribute numerous premium cannabis cultivars within the Canadian Market. Through decades of genetic selection and intensive breeding efforts by world-renowned industry experts, including Robert Clarke and Mojave Richmond, BioAgronomics Group has developed a portfolio of proven classic and proprietary cannabis cultivars. Now, through Segra's Plant Tissue Culture technology, this premium genetic catalog will be available to Canadian Licensed Producers and select international markets for the first time.

"BioAgronomics Group is thrilled to be joining forces with Segra International to advance the Canadian cannabis industry through providing high-quality, unique cultivars," commented Robert Clarke, co-founder of BioAgronomics Group. "We expect this partnership will lead to increased access to popular and agronomically productive cannabis cultivars for licensed growers in Canada and internationally."

In addition to the carefully selected "classic cultivars" curated by BioAgronomics Group specialists, Segra will also be able to supply proprietary and exclusive cannabis varieties from the BioAgronomics Group portfolio. These proprietary genetics were bred for potency and novel cannabinoid and terpene profiles, as well as ideal crop morphology and heightened pathogen resistance. Preparing BioAgronomics Group's proven cultivars utilizing Segra's tissue culture technology will ensure consistently high-performing plants that offer high yields of enhanced THC and terpene content.  As with all Segra tissue culture products, the plantlets arrive as verified clean stock. Segra and BioAgronomics Group are pleased to offer these premium cultivars in our efforts to help growers start with better genetics to realize higher profits.

"We are incredibly excited at the opportunity to partner with the team of industry-recognized experts at BioAgronomics Group and offer their cultivars, through tissue culture, to Canadian producers," said Segra CEO Jamie Blundell. "BioAgronomics Group has a tremendous amount of experience developing premium cannabis cultivars for commercial production, and we're honored that they are trusting Segra with their valuable genetic IP. Partnerships with leading experts and breeders, like BioAgronomics Group, combined with the benefits and biosecurity of plant tissue culture, will help producers dramatically improve financial performance as the industry and consumer preferences continue to evolve."

To learn more about our partnership and how Segra and BioAgronomics Group's Tissue Culture plantlets can improve your output and reduce risk, please contact Segra at info@segra-intl.com.

About Bioagronomics Group:

BioAgronomics Group is a team of experts working within the rapidly evolving cannabis fiber, food, and medicine business sectors. Founded by notable author and ethnobotanist Robert C. Clarke and Mojave Richmond, BioAgronomics Group provides experienced consulting and assistance to companies navigating the multifaceted cannabis industry. In addition, we offer IP-protected cultivars for licensing to growers supplying the emerging cannabis market worldwide. Wherever your company is based and whatever your individual needs, we are here to assist you. Learn more at www.bioagronomics.com.

About Segra:

Segra is an agriculture technology company offering plant tissue culture and DNA fingerprinting services to accelerate the advancement of the cannabis industry. The company's proprietary technologies empower its clients to drive financial performance and mitigate risk while exploring the next frontier of optimized cultivation practices for the rapidly evolving cannabis consumer. Segra has developed industrial-scale laboratories to produce disease-free, robust, and DNA-fingerprinted cannabis plantlets for licensed producers globally. To support this vision, Segra has assembled a world-class team of specialists in the fields of agronomy, molecular genetics, plant tissue culture, and regulatory compliance.

Learn more at www.segra-intl.com

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