October 14, 2021

Segra International Announces Nursery Provision Agreement with Portugal-based Galaxiavertical

VANCOUVER, [October 14, 2021] - Segra International Corp, ("Segra"),a Canadian agriculture technology company, is pleased to announce the execution of a nursery provision agreement with Galaxiavertical ("Galaxia"), a Portugal based cannabis nursery focused on the high-end supply of cannabis cuttings.

Under this agreement, Segra will support Galaxia with a recurring supply of premium cannabis cultivars in the form of clean stock, tissue culture plantlets to be used for clonal propagation of 1st generation cuttings.

Galaxia will supply high potency cannabis genetics to the medicinal cannabis industry. With this agreement, Galaxia will now have access to a selection of cultivars from Segra's vast genetic portfolio to distribute to cultivators within Portugal. Ongoing refreshments of these cultivars, and other available cultivars from Segra, will be provided to Galaxia as direct from tissue culture plantlets to be used as mother stock plants. This enables Galaxia to sustain scaled production of vigorous, 1st generation cuttings that will offer a premium plant product to their cultivation partners.

"As the Portuguese cannabis market continues to grow, cultivators within the region have struggled with finding quality starting genetics for their large-scale operations," said Jamie Blundell, Segra's Chief Executive Officer. "Many cultivators in Portugal have imported cannabis genetics in the form of seed, which results in non-uniform production crops and takes a significant amount of time to select desirable phenotypes that would later be used for clonal propagation. Through this distribution partnership, Segra will be enabling Galaxia to essentially skip the time-consuming process of phenotype selection from seed and begin propagation from clonal tissue culture plants of proven cultivars right away. We're excited to be working with Galaxia to help them serve this market by supplying high-quality cannabis products efficiently." 

Galaxia's Head of Production, Dr Chris Murray said "The distribution partnership agreement recently signed with Segra is a very exciting milestone for Galaxia, as we strive to become the primary supplier of high-quality Cannabis genetics to large-scale licensed cultivation operations in Portugal. The agreement enables Galaxia to access premium, clean tissue culture plantlets from Segra's vast genetic portfolio of 1st generation cuttings at our facility in Benavente, Portugal. With this offering, Galaxia is in the unique position of being able to reliably service a growing market. Our capability to supply to licensed cultivators a range of 1st generation cuttings, adapted to the Portuguese environment, whilst providing a high level of assurance that cuttings are free of pests, viruses and have a high level of disease resistance, will significantly de-risk licensed cultivators' operations."        

About Galaxiavertical: 

Galaxiavertical is the first dedicated service provider inPortugal that offers a range of products and technical support services to the cultivation sector of the Medicinal Cannabis industry. Galaxiavertical is a partner that can be trusted and empowered to take responsibility for delivering high-quality services and products for your specific business needs. Built on a culture of sustainability, environmental responsibility and continuous improvement, our services are executed with the utmost integrity, transparency, and passion. We firmly believe that by adopting innovative technologies, data-driven strategies and embracing collaboration, we can significantly contribute to our client's success. Learn more at www.Galaxiavertical.com

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About Segra International: 
Segra is an agriculture technology company offering plant tissue culture, plant genomics, and pathogen detection services to accelerate the advancement of the cannabis industry. Its proprietary technologies empower its clients to drive financial performance and mitigate risk while exploring the next frontier of optimized cultivation practices for the rapidly evolving cannabis consumer. Segra has developed industrial-scale laboratories to produce Verified Segra Stock™, robust, and DNA-fingerprinted cannabis plantlets for licensed producers globally. Segra has assembled a world-class team of specialists in agronomy, molecular genetics, plant tissue culture, and regulatory compliance to support this vision. Learn more at segra-intl.com or view the 2021 Cultivar and Services Catalogue.

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