November 26, 2019

Segra Awarded Nursery License from Health Canada for its Flagship Cannabis Tissue Culture Nursery

VANCOUVER, BC - Segra International Corp., an agriculture technology company, is pleased to announce that it has received a Cannabis Nursery License from Health Canada for the company's flagship cannabis tissue culture nursery located in New Westminster, BC.  This new facility, to be known as the ‘New Westminster Plant Factory' represents a true industry first.  Segra's high tech plant propagation system utilizes a proprietary Plant Tissue Culture process to produce DNA-fingerprinted and verified disease-free plants for shipment to producers.  In addition to certified nursery stock, the company offers services for the ‘regeneration and preservation' of cannabis cultivars, as well as DNA fingerprinting analytical services.

"Segra's proprietary Plant Tissue Culture technology solves a critical challenge that large scale cannabis producers face today, which is access to healthy and uniform starting material to reshape their financial performance." said Segra's CEO Todd McMurray. "Plant Tissue Culture has already solved the propagation challenge for hundreds of other crops ranging from strawberries to ferns. By adopting tissue culture these crops significantly reduced pathogen risks and crop failure, while at the same time increasing yield and biochemical expression. The very concept of a cannabis nursery represents an entirely new segment in the evolving supply chain, and we are eager to continue our leadership role with this disruptive technology as the industry evolves."

In the coming months Segra will have the privilege of introducing a library of classic, modern, and exclusive cannabis cultivars to the global market including many from renowned genetic brands.  These genetics are targeted for the global recreational, medical, and hemp legal markets. Under this new Nursery License, the company's distribution is not limited to Canada, and Segra expects to begin exporting plantlets to other federally legal jurisdictions soon.  Additionally, the company has successfully achieved municipal zoning approvals for its second phase 43,000 square foot facility in Aldergrove BC.

Segra's Chief Tissue Culture Officer Dr. Sma Zobayed commented "The emergence of a credible and scalable nursery offering will reshape cannabis cultivation workflow, similar to so many other crops I'm familiar with from commercial agriculture.  For example, virtually no growers propagate their own greenhouse tomato or pepper plants at scale.  In general, growers leave that work to highly specialized nurseries, and I expect cannabis producers to follow suit in the coming years as this young industry matures."

About Segra

Segra is an agriculture technology company offering innovative services that accelerate the advancement of the cannabis industry to better serve society. The Company's Plant Tissue Culture and genomics technologies, coupled with a vast business ecosystem, empower its clients to drive financial performance and mitigate risk, while exploring the next frontiers of optimized cultivation practices for the rapidly evolving medical, recreational, and hemp markets. Segra is developing industrial-scale facilities to produce disease-free, robust, and DNA fingerprinted cannabis plantlets for licensed producers globally. To support this vision, Segra has assembled a world-class team of specialists in the fields of Plant Tissue Culture, agronomy, molecular genetics, and regulatory compliance. Segra currently has agreements with many leading global cannabis producers, including the Canadian licensed producers HEXO Corp., Agripharm Corp., and The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc.

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