March 18, 2021

Segra International Announces Development and Validation of In-House Assay for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd)

VANCOUVER, March 18, 2021 - Segra International Corp, a leading cannabis agriculture technology company, is pleased to announce the development and validation of an in-house assay for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) through leveraging the highly qualified capabilities of their in-house molecular biology laboratory, under the leadership of Segra's Chief Science Officer Dr. John Brunstein. This assay now enables the company to monitor HLVd status on incoming materials for induction to tissue culture (TC), monitor the process of mediated clearance of HLVd in any infected cultivars, and allow for the ongoing surveillance of cultivars in Segra's lab and at client grow facilities.  This pathogen assay adds to a substantial list of viral, fungal, and bacterial pathogens Segra already test for in-house as part of their Verified Clean Stock program.

Rather than relying on older published HLVd detection assays, Segra's real-time RT-PCR assay is based on consensus of current HLVd sequences recorded in Genbank. This primer set may detect additional sequence variants of HLVd, which would otherwise score false negative with published methods based on older, less complete data.

"Hop Latent Viroid is an increasingly recognized pathogen now showing obvious economic damage in commercial cannabis cultivation globally. As the threats of pathogens in cannabis operations continue to evolve and emerge, Segra's professional team of plant scientists and molecular biologists will be there to adapt to and provide mitigation for these challenges. Our intention in creating this assay was not to establish a commercially available product but instead to use it for internal screening, assess client cultivars for regeneration, and help our clients troubleshoot challenges in their operations. We are pleased that we now have this ability and look forward to supporting our clients in this way," says Jamie Blundell, Chief Executive Officer, Segra International.

To learn more about Hop Latent Viroid issues and mitigation, Dr. John Brunstein and cannabis breeding expert Mojave Richmond will be leading a live panel discussion and Q&A on March 25th. Register here:

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Segra is an agriculture technology company offering plant tissue culture, DNA fingerprinting, and pathogen detection services to accelerate the advancement of the cannabis industry. The company's proprietary technologies empower its clients to drive financial performance and mitigate risk while exploring the next frontier of optimized cultivation practices for the rapidly evolving cannabis consumer. Segra has developed industrial-scale laboratories to produce Verified Clean Stock, robust, and DNA-fingerprinted cannabis plantlets for licensed producers globally. To support this vision, Segra has assembled a world-class team of specialists in the fields of agronomy, molecular genetics, plant tissue culture, and regulatory compliance. Learn more at

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