January 22, 2024

Segra International Unveils the 2024 Collection Cultivar Catalogue

Segra International, a leading agriculture technology company based in Vancouver, Canada, has recently launched its highly anticipated 2024 Collection Cultivar Catalogue. This first edition of the catalogue features an array of new cultivars from various genetic providers, with the promise of continued releases throughout the year. The company's cultivar catalogue, known for its cannabis tissue culture genetics, has garnered multiple awards since 2022, reflecting Segra's commitment to providing top-quality Cannabis varieties for indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation.

The 2024 Collection Cultivar Catalogue is a testament to Segra's dedication to offering cultivators, both domestically and internationally, with genetics tailored to their specific business and market needs. The company's plants are not only distributed globally but are also phytosanitary certified for export to legal markets, ensuring compliance with international regulations.

One of the key differentiators for Segra is its rigorous validation process. The plants in the catalogue are validated by the company's molecular biology science lab, where they undergo routine testing for cannabis pathogens, DNA fingerprinting, and Hop Latent Viroid testing before each shipment. This meticulous approach underscores Segra's ongoing commitment to providing clean starting stock of the highest quality genetics, ultimately driving the success of its customers.

The 2024 Collection Cultivar Catalogue is another demonstration of Segra's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the cannabis industry, further solidifying its position as a global leader in providing top-quality genetics for cultivators worldwide

For more information and to explore the 2024 Collection Cultivar Catalogue, visit our website or email us at info@segra-intl.com

About Segra International:

Segra International is at the forefront of the cannabis industry, offering plant tissue culture, plant genomics, and pathogen detection services to accelerate the advancement of cannabis cultivation practices. The company's proprietary technologies enable clients to enhance financial performance and mitigate risk while exploring optimized cultivation practices. Segra's industrial-scale laboratories produce Verified Segra Stock™ cannabis plantlets in collaboration with top breeders, serving licensed producers in Canada and an expanding list of international destinations. The company boasts a world-class team of specialists in agronomy, molecular genomics, plant tissue culture, and regulatory compliance to support its vision.