December 7, 2017

Segra Opens Molecular Biology Lab for Genetic Fingerprinting of Cannabis and Detection of Cannabis Pathogens

VANCOUVER, Dec. 7th, 2017 - Segra International Corp. ("Segra" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the opening of its molecular biology laboratory in Richmond, British Columbia. This laboratory will allow Segra to determine and track the genetic identity of cannabis strains for its tissue culture customers. In addition to these genetic identification capabilities, the lab will provide ongoing molecular diagnostics for plant pathogens. Providing both of these services for outgoing tissue culture plantlets will ensure peace of mind for customers and establish a critical competitive advantage for Segra's tissue culture services.

Molecular Biology Laboratory Capabilities

Unambiguous cannabis strain identification ("strain fingerprinting" and matching) can be accomplished with genotyping technology only. Segra is developing proprietary methods to perform genetic fingerprint identification on outgoing tissue culture plantlets destined for large-scale cultivation. This will serve as a key quality assurance process for customers. Segra's pathogen detection assays will allow the routine surveillance of all incoming/outgoing materials in a micropropagation facility, and of the facility itself, for significant cannabis pathogens. Based on molecular biology, these advanced pathogen-monitoring technologies will have greatly improved sensitivity compared to traditional methods.

Segra's lab will be able to identify critical genetic markers, such as those related to mature chemotypes, in young developing plantlets. This allows for the early removal of undesirable plants from breeding programs, thereby saving significant time and resources. These elite plants will then be transferred into tissue culture, removing the need for lengthy (years) back-crossing to stabilize new strains. The additional long-term aims of this lab include the identification of desirable selective markers and research into the molecular mechanisms that cause differences in cannabis strains.

"In addition to these immediate functions, establishing this laboratory is a critical and exciting first step in identifying key genetic markers for desirable plant traits, including disease resistance. This will add significant IP to Segra's portfolio over time," said Dr. John Brunstein, Chief Scientific Officer.

Segra believes that the close integration of molecular biology and genotyping capabilities with a cannabis micropropagation facility will be not only a critical differentiator in the expanding cannabis market but also essential to success.

About Segra

Segra is a biotechnology company specializing in cannabis micropropagation (also known as "tissue culture"). The Company is focused on reliably producing standardized cannabis tissue culture plantlets on an industrial scale to meet market demand. Currently, the Company is developing cannabis tissue culture nurseries for markets in Canada and USA (California). Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Segra Biogenesis Corp., Segra has an advanced-stage application to Health Canada to produce and distribute cannabis tissue culture plantlets under the ACMPR. Segra leverages expertise in commercial micropropagation, agronomy, botany, biochemistry, molecular genetics, and regulatory compliance to ensure the highest-quality products.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Todd McMurray, President/CEO


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